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We was looking for one of our blogs for a nice theme with the subject gay. Unbelieveable, but we couln’t find one (1) nice WordPress template. 😮

Rainbow Flag TemplateSo, at then end we descided to create our own template. And here it is 😉 Our first own WordPress template. It’s called Rainbow Flag. Should be obviously why! 😉

We used the colors of the popular rainbow flag of course.

How to use the template?

It’s easy. You can download the WordPress template here for free. Just click on the link below:
Wordpress Theme - Rainbow flag - Gay Theme (2470 Downloads)

Just unzip the archive and upload the folder in your WordPress  template folder. Then activate the template in your WordPress administration area and that’s it. Very easy.

This template is writen with WordPress 3.0.1. But it should be fine also with lower versions.


  • Language support (german and english are included in the package)
  • Sidebar on the right side.
  • Header navigation
  • Optimized for WordPress 3 (lower versions should be also fine)

Please note: It costs time and money to create a template. You can use it for free. All what we want is that you leave the both links in the footer. Thats all and we think it’s fair.

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