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But now plain text here to the subject of poppers. „Inhaling nitrites from are all drugs the closest to genuine aphrodisiac.“ Which is published a set from a scientific publication from 1982, in the United States and is based on a variety of studies. Until today this movement has not lost its topicality, because it […]

Jungle Juice Poppers

Jungle Juice is the new room odorizer. And a very juicy one 😉 Maybe it is not the most popular poppers aroma out there. But Jungle Juice is for sure the most funny poppers. Even the name is just crazy.  🙂 And not just the name is cool. Also the aroma of the room odorizer […]

Hallo, mein Name ist Tom und ich bin ein 42 Jahre „junger“ Mann. Meine sexuellen Wünsche gingen nun langsam zurück. Meine Frau war schon wirklich genervt wegen meiner sexuellen Probleme. Ich ging zu einem Arzt, aber die Medikamente, die er mir verschrieben hatte, zeigen keine Ergebnisse. Mit jedem Tag wurde die verminderte sexuelle Lust zum […]

Push Poppers

The Push Poppers aroma is not new, but it is one of the most popular Poppers aromas. It’s a room odorizer with a very strong effect. Push Room Incense has been new developed with a new formula and now much stronger. It is gently, clean and … strong… stronger… PUSH! Just use according to manufacturer’s […]

Rush Poppers

Welcome to our Rush Poppers webside & shop. Have a look and get the informations about Rush Poppers and Poppers in general. Our Poppers Shop