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If it is about women generally and about the predilections of the women with the sex in particular, many men have a little bit strange images. Not a few men move into their preferred image of women in porno movies and think that all women are always hot and really want sex at any time, day and night. Also it´s a widespread mistake, that woman made up luxuriously and go to bed with High Heels. For men who think about women in this way, it´s no surprise that they have no success with women.

How can men find out, what women want with the sex and what strategies they should use to make it even work? When men set themselves up at the first meeting as a macho, then that is not good for women, because they think ahead and imagine this guy in front of the bed. There are only very few women, who can handle with these kind of men, especially the emancipated women cannot do this. All men acting a bit awkward however, have good chances, because they wake up the maternal instinct in women. However, they should not internalize the role too much, because no woman wants to have a too clumsy man in the bed.

Men are well advised to ask women before, what kind of sex they prefer, because who just gets going and thinks only of himself, goes to bed with the woman once, but not a second time. The biggest mistake men are able to make after the sex, is however to ask the question „Did you come”?

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