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Who wants to feed the peacock or ride the antelope has not to go to the zoo, but can have this also at home in bed. Even if it sounds maybe a little funny, but the peacock as well as the antelope belong to the numerous positions of the Kamasutra. The word Kamasutra comes from the Sanskrit and means as much as lines of desire. The various positions are part of a book of ancient India and enjoy an enduring popularity even today.

The person, who was the author of the writings and detailed drawings, is not known up to the present day. It was Richard Francis Burton, who has translated the Kamasutra into English in 1886. When he died, his wife wanted to throw the putative pornographic writings and drawings into the fire, but a doctor, an old friend of him, saved the writings from the fire and publishes them, finally.  Today they belong to the mostly read world literature.

What exactly is the Kama Sutra and why it still fascinates people so much? The Kamasutra is an amazingly advanced book. In addition to the numerous love positions, there are also a lot of instructions for sensual bondage, that is a very early form of BDSM. Also homosexual methods are described in detail and the woman plays by no means a minor part, as is like to be the case in modern times in erotic films, magazines or books.

On the contrary, the Kamasutra strongly recommends that women should have, on the one hand, always pleasure in sex and that they should take over on the other hand a leadership role during sex.

Who in the study of the Kamasutra should get hungry for more, in Popper’s shop there are many things to play an erotic game for two.

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