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All people who want good sex, (and who does not want this?) should take particularly a lot of time for a detailed love life. The prelude is the hors-d’oeuvre or also the overture, and who controls the art of a good prelude, has really satisfying sex. Unfortunately it not always works with the prelude, because particularly men often have problems to be reserved at the right moment. Who wants to have fun in the love play again, should try out maybe sometimes the Poppers Performa Gel start up.

To hesitate out the erection still a little bit, is difficult for many men over and over again. They would like to do the favor to the partner with pleasure, but so easily it is not anyway. Help can be in this situation the Performa Gel Start up from the Poppers Shop. The fat-free, well acceptable gel is applied before the sex simply on the desired body part and increases then very actually the wonderful feeling of pleasure and sensuality for both partners.

In this way the desire is growing, but at the same time, it is possible to extend the love game, so that both can enjoy the moment even longer and more intensely.

Good sex needs beside many things which make the physical love only an unforgettable experience, a lot of time. All the lovers who want to have sex with all their senses have all the time to do this with Performa Gel Start up from the Poppers Shop.

Performa Start up Gel from the Poppers Shop is also compatible with latex condoms.

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