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Strawberries and asparagus are included and are said to have some effect.  Celery also has a good reputation and who can afford it, should try oysters. What do vegetables, fruit and expensive shells have in common? True, they are considered a so-called aphrodisiac.

The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek language and can be translated a little bit casually as a sharp doer, because certain foods are reputed to increase libido and the desire for sex. The scientists argue about for centuries whether some truth is in these stories, but until now certain foods have a very special reputation. The ancient Romans drank wine and ate garlic to get in the mood and the Aztecs have tried it with lots of chocolate, which till this day not only should be mood-lightening. In China one should consume the sea cucumbers and the slugs, when it runs no longer smoothly in bed.  This raises the question why these people could grow so strong with a rather unsavory banquet of love. But other peoples, other customs and perhaps even sea cucumbers and sea slugs taste quite passable.

In order to regain momentum in the relationship, one must not eat celery asparagus or oysters every lunch which costs quite a lot to the money. Today there are modern methods that can also be very effective. Many of these modern aphrodisiacs are sold under the category of food supplement and should have the same effect as the funds grow in nature. When it comes to a modern aphrodisiac, one should have a look sometimes at the offer in the Poppers Shop.

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