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We know from the animal world: important for sex is not only the look, but also the smell. Each male animal secretes a certain perfume to get the ladies attention. That´s because only the male who has an appealing smell, also gets a mate. With humans this is similar, even if we do not notice it. Who wants to have however more fun during sex should set deliberately on certain flavors. You can find all these special flavors in the Poppers Shop.

Whose hot, sends out signals and the partners can smell these signals. If you want to help your luck a little bit, simply unscrew a small bottle of Rush Poppers and you´ll be surprised pleasantly. If the perfume spreads in the room, it does not last very long and there is nothing in the way to start hot sex. All men want to allow a properly crash, should try Rush Poppers Strong, for here the experience is much more intense. Good sex happens to be not accidental it is a matter of planning. Men, who want more sex than normal, are always well advised to use Rush Poppers or Rush Poppers Strong at the right time, for guaranteed hot nights.

You can find Rush Poppers and Rush Poppers Strong only in the Poppers Shop, individually or as a pack of 5 and 10, or in a convenient box with 18 Rush Poppers. Enjoy it!


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