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Liquid Gold Poppers

Liquid Gold PoppersToday we want to present you the aroma poppers „Liquid Gold „. It is probably the most commonly purchased flavor in the UK. It have a pleasant smell and an exciting aroma.

Liquid Gold is developed in the UK. Maybe that’s why it is so popular on the island. But not only in the UK. Also in the USA and Germany is Liquid Gold in every nose to be talked of. 🙂

This room odouriser comes with an exciting good smell. Open it and you will smell it after a few seconds already. How it refresh the air in the room. The aroma will fill your lungs and the active ingredient will make you feel better straight away.

But what is so special with Liquid Gold? Maybe the developer added really gold in the formula and that’s why it is called like this. And everybody know, gold makes happy 😉 Some day I will crack a bottle of the Liquid Gold aroma and I will have a look if there is probably gold in the bottle. 🙂

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