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Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice Poppers Bottle

Jungle Juice is the new room odorizer. And a very juicy one 😉

Maybe it is not the most popular poppers aroma out there. But Jungle Juice is for sure the most funny poppers. Even the name is just crazy.  🙂 And not just the name is cool. Also the aroma of the room odorizer is fabulous. It smells like you would be in the middle of the jungle. A strong, crazy man in the middle of nowhere. Just you and your machete… against the trees, wild animals and the dead.

Go through this adventure… take a deep breath and feel free!

Many people write us and ask about the Jungle Juice recipe or how to make Jungle Juice.
To be honest, we have no idea. Because we are not the maker of this poppers brand. And I am quite sure that the maker will never give the recipe to anybody. It is like Liquid Gold.  … If you would know how to make a normal stone to gold… you will never tell someone how! 😉

Anyway… you don’t need a recipe. You can buy your Jungle Juice very cheap in our Poppers Shop. Just click on top of the page on your flag and you’ll forwarded to the Poppers Shop where you can buy 1, 2, 3, …. many bottle(s). 😉

Become wild… *rrrraurr* 😉

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