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There are always men who despair because they do not get any woman into bed. They do all the best, invite the ladies to dinner or give roses, but if it should go to the thing, it ends. All the men who are tired of frustration should have a look at the new Rush Poppers […]

Who wants to feed the peacock or ride the antelope has not to go to the zoo, but can have this also at home in bed. Even if it sounds maybe a little funny, but the peacock as well as the antelope belong to the numerous positions of the Kamasutra. The word Kamasutra comes from […]

All people who want good sex, (and who does not want this?) should take particularly a lot of time for a detailed love life. The prelude is the hors-d’oeuvre or also the overture, and who controls the art of a good prelude, has really satisfying sex. Unfortunately it not always works with the prelude, because […]

Wenn es um Sex geht, dann gibt es viele Geschichten, die sich rund um dieses Thema ranken. Was davon ist eigentlich wahr und was ist nur ein Märchen? Es ist eine erwiesene Tatsache, dass Frauen die ihre fruchtbaren Tage haben, also kurz vor dem Eisprung stehen, sich besonders gerne elegant und sexy anziehen. Viele Frauen […]

Strawberries and asparagus are included and are said to have some effect.  Celery also has a good reputation and who can afford it, should try oysters. What do vegetables, fruit and expensive shells have in common? True, they are considered a so-called aphrodisiac. The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek language and can be translated […]

If it is about women generally and about the predilections of the women with the sex in particular, many men have a little bit strange images. Not a few men move into their preferred image of women in porno movies and think that all women are always hot and really want sex at any time, […]