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New from Poppers

There are always men who despair because they do not get any woman into bed. They do all the best, invite the ladies to dinner or give roses, but if it should go to the thing, it ends. All the men who are tired of frustration should have a look at the new Rush Poppers […]

Die neuen von Poppers

Es gibt immer wieder Männer die daran verzweifeln, weil sie keine Frau ins Bett kriegen. Sie geben sich alle Mühe, laden die Damen zum Essen ein oder schenken Rosen, aber wenn es zur Sache gehen soll, dann ist Ende. Alle Männer die keine Lust mehr auf Frust haben, sollten sich mal die neuen Rush Poppers […]

Push Poppers

The Push Poppers aroma is not new, but it is one of the most popular Poppers aromas. It’s a room odorizer with a very strong effect. Push Room Incense has been new developed with a new formula and now much stronger. It is gently, clean and … strong… stronger… PUSH! Just use according to manufacturer’s […]

Rush Poppers

The Rush Poppers was the first Poppers brand. Since PWD launched Rush on the market, it was sold over 10 million times. Over 25.000 bottles per day. This make it to the favorite brand and the number 1 selling brand of Poppers in the world. Rush Poppers have a nice smell and is a pure […]