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But now plain text here to the subject of poppers.

„Inhaling nitrites from are all drugs the closest to genuine aphrodisiac.“ Which is published a set from a scientific publication from 1982, in the United States and is based on a variety of studies. Until today this movement has not lost its topicality, because it simply is a fact and will not change. The effect of nitrides doesn’t change.

Despite these findings, it is legally not always easy with poppers. In many countries, it is prohibited or would have to be sold – due to the included Amyl nitrite – only at the pharmacy. That is why to buy the poppers officially as room aroma, video head cleaner or an other resourceful description.

That would also all work well, wouldn’t disturb the erection 😉 It comes in small (usually brown) vial and is in a fluid state. But as soon as you open the bottle, the poppers is gaseous and escapes into the air. Are you close enough to the bottle off to inhale it, it starts to work 😉 And soon you can no longer focus on the video head cleaning…

Poppers causes in the body a lower of blood pressure. That is why you should be careful if you’re already experiencing problems with low blood pressure. Then best to refrain. Otherwise you’re running risk to get powerful headache or even in the short term to fall into unconsciousness. And who will fall unconsciousness shortly before having great sex? 😉

It is important to keep an opened bottle in the fridge or freezer. It is longer good. Also make always sure that the bottle is tight closed. If the poppers can mix with water, then it is over quickly with the pleasure. The water turned the beautiful poppers in a stinky brown soup which you shouldn’t use anymore!
Before using you should make generally always a smell test (also for new opened bottles), whether this Popper is still „good“. The own smell of poppers is slightly fruity. Stinks it however (e.g. old socks) then don’t use this bottle anymore and trow it quick away.

It is important also in order to ensure that the poppers comes from a brand manufacturer. Not because it’s more expensive, but because they have professional filling machines. Private bottlers do not have it and can produce therefore not such pure blends such as the brands. As just said especially water is a sticking point. If water enters when filling in the bottle, then it can easily happen that poppers arrives as a smelly broth to you.
Prefer to spend a few cents more and receive quality.
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And now, happy bangs 😉

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