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Poppers Shop Du möchtest Poppers kaufen? Dann klicke auf die Flagge und gelange direkt zu unserem Poppers Shop. Dort findest Du alle Poppers Marken und Spielzeuge zu super Preisen, sicherer Bezahlung und diskretem Versand. Kaufe dein Poppers online.

There are always men who despair because they do not get any woman into bed. They do all the best, invite the ladies to dinner or give roses, but if it should go to the thing, it ends. All the men who are tired of frustration should have a look at the new Rush Poppers and order them immediately.

Poppers Rush Ultra Strong

What makes the new of Popper’s so special and unique? The smell is even better, even stronger and makes women even more willing. How would it be for example with XXX hard? Here the name is a program, because the especially strong mixture makes women weak and men especially potent.

Also Iron One, the hit from the USA speaks for itself. For all who want longer good and intensive sex, Iron Man is the right choice. The legendary Brown Bottle is not new, but a hammer-hard classic under the popular flavor from the poppers shop. The smell has already caused a sensation in the 1970s.

Taiwan Blue is the sweet smell of Asia, which is now also available from poppers. Those who love leather can make wonderful experience with Fetish medium. The new smell from Canada with the promising name Man Scent is the smell to make men and women equally sharp and crazy. Welcome to the jungle of the desire with Jungle Juice and all who cannot get enough of the sweet fruits should absolutely switch to Strong Rush Poppers and Ultra Strong Rush Poppers. It’s worth it!


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If you ask yourself where to buy your poppers… do it online! You just need to click above on the flag and you will come to our shop.

But why buy poppers online? Well, you can also go to the next sex shop around the corner and buy it there. But maybe you will pay a lot more money (here in my next one I would pay 30 Euro per bottle!!!) and for sure people will see you 😉 At least the salesman.

Online you can see the products, you can read the descriptions and you can take your time. As much as you need, to select the right aroma for you. Nobody will disturb you, nobody will see you.

Then you can order your favorite flavour and it will be delivered to you in a discreet and neutral carton. Nobody can see from outside what is inside. And if there is someone so curious and wanna know what is it for a parcel which you received… then you can say „Ah, that is my new …“ … whatever 😉

And – last but not least – you can be sure that you will buy original poppers. No fake! Buy poppers in our shop and be on the save side!

We know from the animal world: important for sex is not only the look, but also the smell. Each male animal secretes a certain perfume to get the ladies attention. That´s because only the male who has an appealing smell, also gets a mate. With humans this is similar, even if we do not notice it. Who wants to have however more fun during sex should set deliberately on certain flavors. You can find all these special flavors in the Poppers Shop.

Whose hot, sends out signals and the partners can smell these signals. If you want to help your luck a little bit, simply unscrew a small bottle of Rush Poppers and you´ll be surprised pleasantly. If the perfume spreads in the room, it does not last very long and there is nothing in the way to start hot sex. All men want to allow a properly crash, should try Rush Poppers Strong, for here the experience is much more intense. Good sex happens to be not accidental it is a matter of planning. Men, who want more sex than normal, are always well advised to use Rush Poppers or Rush Poppers Strong at the right time, for guaranteed hot nights.

You can find Rush Poppers and Rush Poppers Strong only in the Poppers Shop, individually or as a pack of 5 and 10, or in a convenient box with 18 Rush Poppers. Enjoy it!


Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice Poppers Bottle

Jungle Juice is the new room odorizer. And a very juicy one 😉

Maybe it is not the most popular poppers aroma out there. But Jungle Juice is for sure the most funny poppers. Even the name is just crazy.  🙂 And not just the name is cool. Also the aroma of the room odorizer is fabulous. It smells like you would be in the middle of the jungle. A strong, crazy man in the middle of nowhere. Just you and your machete… against the trees, wild animals and the dead.

Go through this adventure… take a deep breath and feel free!

Many people write us and ask about the Jungle Juice recipe or how to make Jungle Juice.
To be honest, we have no idea. Because we are not the maker of this poppers brand. And I am quite sure that the maker will never give the recipe to anybody. It is like Liquid Gold.  … If you would know how to make a normal stone to gold… you will never tell someone how! 😉

Anyway… you don’t need a recipe. You can buy your Jungle Juice very cheap in our Poppers Shop. Just click on top of the page on your flag and you’ll forwarded to the Poppers Shop where you can buy 1, 2, 3, …. many bottle(s). 😉

Become wild… *rrrraurr* 😉

Blue Boy Poppers

Poppers Blue BoyThe brand from Canada is called Blue Boy. But why it is called like that… who knows.
Sure is hat it is the bestseller in Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands and Denmark. Czech, Dutch and Danish boys will be boys.  So go for the boy’s choice to get that especially smooth, gradually-intensifying experience that ends in an amazingly pleasurable climax.

Blue Boy Liquid Incense has a super formula and a pleasant smell. This classic brand name has been a favorite since the late 1970’s is sure to please. Also priced the lowest online in the shop.

Liquid Gold Poppers

Liquid Gold PoppersToday we want to present you the aroma poppers „Liquid Gold „. It is probably the most commonly purchased flavor in the UK. It have a pleasant smell and an exciting aroma.

Liquid Gold is developed in the UK. Maybe that’s why it is so popular on the island. But not only in the UK. Also in the USA and Germany is Liquid Gold in every nose to be talked of. 🙂

This room odouriser comes with an exciting good smell. Open it and you will smell it after a few seconds already. How it refresh the air in the room. The aroma will fill your lungs and the active ingredient will make you feel better straight away.

But what is so special with Liquid Gold? Maybe the developer added really gold in the formula and that’s why it is called like this. And everybody know, gold makes happy 😉 Some day I will crack a bottle of the Liquid Gold aroma and I will have a look if there is probably gold in the bottle. 🙂

Push Poppers

The Poppers Push bottle.The Push Poppers aroma is not new, but it is one of the most popular Poppers aromas. It’s a room odorizer with a very strong effect.

Push Room Incense has been new developed with a new formula and now much stronger. It is gently, clean and … strong… stronger… PUSH!

Just use according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Rush Poppers

The Rush Poppers was the first Poppers brand.Poppers Rush Since PWD launched Rush on the market, it was sold over 10 million times. Over 25.000 bottles per day.

This make it to the favorite brand and the number 1 selling brand of Poppers in the world.

Rush Poppers have a nice smell and is a pure and clean product with a strong effect. You can inhale it pure, with a inhaler or with the mask.

Welcome to our Poppers summer specials.

Now you’ll find in our shop (link above) a lot of hot special offers for your hot summer nights (and days 😉 ).

You’ll find beside our special offers of course as well all other products for your fun. But why not save money for a beer before the hot night? 😉
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